Results and transcripts

Non final year student results

If you are not in your final year, you should refer to your school for examination results.

Final year student results

Provisional results

Your school may display a provisional pass list for final year students, following the initial examination board.

Confirmed results

Confirmed awards will be available after the Faculty Examination Board via StudentInfo.

Final year awards will normally be posted online within one working week from the date of the Faculty Examination Board, although some programmes within the Faculty of Health Sciences may be different.

Request an academic transcript

A transcript is an official record of the units studied, grade and credits. It may be required for employers, prospective employers, voluntary organisations or educational institutions as proof of a student's attainment. Transcripts are produced by faculties. If you have any queries about receiving your transcript, contact your faculty office (see below). 

An academic transcript is an official document that shows:

  • Units taken in each year of study
  • Assessment and reassessment (as appropriate) grades for each unit
  • Total number of credits gained in each unit taken and in each year of study
  • Degree awarded, degree classification and date of award (where applicable)

Transcripts are sent out by schools and faculties and can be provided in sealed envelopes with the University stamp to prove they are authentic.

If you are ordering an award verification letter and/or replacement certificate to be sent by post and would like it to be sent with your transcript, please make a note in 'any additional information' on the form when ordering your transcript. Please note that requesting the transcript to be posted in the same envelope as the award verification can delay delivery, as transcripts can take 10 working days to be produced by the faculty. You may prefer to order these seperately if circumstances allow.

Request an academic transcript

Contact your faculty

If you need any further information about the process please see the relevant pages for your faculty, which also include contact details. 

Faculty transcript information and contacts 


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Social Sciences and Law

Current students: Not sure which faculty you are in?

Use StudentInfo to find your faculty.

Former students: Not sure which faculty you were in?

Use the Programme Catalogue  to find your faculty.

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