Bb Annotate - new Blackboard inline marking tool

About this page

Last updated: 5th August 2020

This page contains information about the new Blackboard inline marking tool, Bb Annotate, which will be available from 10th August 2020.  We will be adding more information and FAQs to this page, so please bookmark it.

What is Bb Annotate?

Bb Annotate is a new tool in Blackboard for feedback annotations, which is replacing Box View. Bb Annotate provides much greater functionality for marking than Box View, including improved options for freehand drawing, a sidebar summary view, and the ability to add text, images or stamps (such as a tick) directly on assignments.

When will Bb Annotate be available?

Blackboard will begin our transition to Bb Annotate on 10th August.  After Bb Annotate is switched on it will work immediately for newly submitted assignments.  Conversion of previously submitted assignments and feedback to the Bb Annotate format will happen in the background and may take some time - Blackboard estimate potentially up to 2 to 3 days.

How can I see a demo or try it out?

Watch Blackboard's 2 minute video overview, or have a look at the support page.

If you would like to try out Bb Annotate or have any questions please contact the Digital Education Office.

Will there be any Blackboard downtime ?

No, the change does not require downtime, but if possible we recommend not marking using Box View while the transition is taking place as assignments may take longer to load. If you are annotating a file using Box View during the migration, the file will not migrate to Bb Annotate until you have completed that session. 

Can students submit assignments during the transition?

Yes, students can submit assignments, but if possible Blackboard recommend avoiding submissions during the transition period, as files may take a bit longer for the system to process.

Can I access an assignment that hasn't yet been converted to the new Bb Annotate format?

Yes, but it may take a bit longer than usual to load, as Blackboard will convert it on the fly, so please be patient.

Does this change affect Turnitin assignments?

No this only affects Blackboard assignments.

Will we be able to use the Content Library for reusable comments?

Not at present. This feature is only available to Blackboard SAAS (Software as a Service) customers.