Join us as a visiting postgraduate student

We welcome visiting postgraduate students who would like to spend time with us.

Things to consider

If you are considering visiting us as a postgraduate student, you will normally be registered for postgraduate study in another institution either in a research environment or a taught environment.

Your planned visit to Bristol may, for example, be part of a collaboration, to learn about a specific technique or topic, or simply to gain some research experience in a different environment.

In this case, you can visit Bristol Dental School as a visiting student, which means that you are interested in studying with us without gaining credit (i.e., a qualification or a contribution to a qualification you are currently registered for).

As a visiting postgraduate student, you will have access to University facilities, but will not be fully registered on any of our degree programmes.

If you are considering joining us as a visiting postgraduate student, you should first contact a potential supervisor who works in your chosen topic area.

It is important to discuss the following with the supervisor before entering into an agreement:

  • Expectations – how long you will spend in Bristol, what research/training you will undertake, the methods you will learn, and what supervision you will receive.
  • Bench fee – you should discuss the bench fee of your visit, which may vary depending on your mode of study, and your topic area. For example: Laboratory work will incur a higher fee than desk-based research. 
  • Visa – if you are an international student, you will be required to comply with home office legislation. For further information on visa requirements please visit the student support pages.
  • English language requirements – if you are an international student, you are required to meet the English language requirements for the programme (IELTS score of 6.5 overall, with no sub-test score lower than 6.0) - further guidance is set out in the Profile E guidelines.
  • Qualifications and references – before visiting, you will normally be expected to provide copies of relevant qualifications, and two academic references.

Application process

You must complete an online application.

You should select 'Faculty of Health Sciences' and then ‘Oral and Dental Sciences Visiting PGR', stating clearly in the 'Personal Statement' section that you will be a visiting student.

Please note the visiting student policy requires a letter of agreement between student and School. This should be drafted by your proposed supervisor, signed by you and your supervisor, and uploaded to the online application.

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