PhD projects

Students begin their PhD project after the successful completion of their taught component. Students can choose whether to continue their extended project as a PhD, or whether to select a new research theme from a portfolio of PhD project proposals. In consultation with our academic and industrial partners students are offered PhD project proposals spanning both blue-sky future concepts and applied research. The applied industrially focused projects meet immediate research needs in industry, with a shorter route to industrial exploitation. The blue-sky projects are transformative in nature and seek to develop fundamental solutions in composites technologies at the boundaries between science and engineering.

ACCIS CDT PhD Projects

The PhD topics in our CDT cover the whole range of composites research. One of the biggest benefits of being part of ACCIS is that you are always up to date with what's happening in the world of composites, because the person sitting next to you has a topic in a completely different area compared to yours. In this CDT we are emerged in a culture of composites and this what is required to one day be a leader in this field.

Evangelos Zympeloudis

Working with industry (through collaboration with Hitachi) has allowed me to gain a more application focused perspective of my work, giving insight into what information is really important to the commercial sector. It has also helped to form ideas and give some direction to my research.

Robert Iredale
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