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MLPowSim 1.1 released

21 June 2023

A new version of MLPowSim and its associated manual has been released

MLPowSim was originally released in 2009 and in the interim period the software packages, MLwiN and R that MLPowSim produces code for have developed tremendously. As a result some of the code that MLPowSim produced for certain models would not run in more recent versions of MLwiN and R.
We have previously made minor tweaks to MLPowSim to fix a few issues that were found but over the last year we have revisited MLPowSim more completely and adapted the code to fix the various bugs and commands that no longer work in R. We have also taken the opportunity to make the code easier to read and remove redundancy.  We have also updated the accompanying guide (Browne et al. 2023) to include new screen shots. We hope you enjoy using MLPowSim.
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