Functional molecules and materials

Functional – (1)  having a special activity, purpose, or task; (2) designed to be practical and useful.

We seek to understand how the molecular structure of a material influences its properties and thus its performance. Many materials applications are limited by the performance of current materials, so breakthroughs in this area are critical for future of technology.  Our expertise is very broad and spans soft matter and colloids, inorganic polymers, electroactive materials and electrochemistry, diamond thin films, controlled crystallization, aerosols, bio-inspired materials and composites; we have outstanding capabilities in the synthesis and characterization of materials, and well-established multidisciplinary links to other materials activities within the University of Bristol, such as the Bristol Composites Institute. We are also keen to realize the full potential impact of our research in partnership with industry, and are members of the Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry.

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