X-ray crystallography

A purpose-built crystallography laboratory houses 3 single crystal diffractometers and one powder diffractometer.

All of the single crystal diffractometers are equipped with modern kappa-geometry goniometers. Two of these have conventional fixed Mo-anode X-ray tubes and are used for routine samples. The third is a dual microfocus source (Mo and Cu) instrument with a sensitive CPAD detector.  This instrument is used for studying weakly diffracting, disordered or twinned crystals as well as obtaining absolute structure or carrying out variable temperature studies e.g. spin crossover materials.

The laboratory also houses a high throughput powder X-ray diffractometer equipped with a linear detector, robotic sample changer and 30 silicon wafer sample holders. This allows powder diffraction data for a sub-milligram quantity of sample to be collected in minutes.

Crystal selection using optical microscopy
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