Criminology graduate destinations

Criminology is an extremely versatile degree in the employment market with 100% of graduates telling us that they have chosen to go directly into employment within 15 months of graduation.

Data obtained from

  • Single and joint honours Criminology (BSc) courses
  • Graduates from the UK 

Responses were received from 2 graduates from 2017/18; this is a response rate of 66.7%


Most important activityPercentage of graduates
Paid work for an employer 100%
Self-employment/freelancing 0%
Running my own business 0%
Developing a creative, artistic or professional portfolio 0%
Voluntary/unpaid work for an employer 0%
Engaged in a course of study, training or research 0%
Taking time out to travel 0%
Caring for someone 0%
Retired 0%
Unemployed and looking for work 0%
Doing something else 0%

Sector information

Employment sectorNumber of graduates

Social work activities without accommodation for the elderly and disabled


Activities of employment placement agencies


Employers and occupations

Graduates of Criminology decide to use the range of transferable skills they have developed during their course at Bristol to enter a profession totally unrelated to their degree. In fact 70% of jobs are open to graduates of any discipline.

Examples of employers

  • R&O Energy
  • Dean Healthcare



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