The Cabot Institute is designated a University Research Institute at the University of Bristol. The latest results in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) – as well as numerous accolades to individual researchers - demonstrates the high quality and international impact of our research.

Our research:

  • Has global reach and impact for policy makers, the public and business 
  • Is internationally excellent
  • Ranges from the fundamental to the applied
  • Is enhanced by interdisciplinary approaches, where appropriate
  • Involves collaborating across disciplines within the university and with local, national and international stakeholders.

Our main research communities focus on the six major issues at the centre of the human-planetary relationship.

Each of these communities comprises dozens of academics from disciplines spanning the entire university and partners from government, industry, civil organisations and the public. Within each Theme we harness world-leading strength in risk and uncertainty assessment, modelling and big data analysis (underpinned by £4M investment in high performance computing), and expertise in knowledge co-production, security and governance.

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