Simon McIntosh-Smith

Simon McIntosh-Smith specialises in high-performance computing and advanced computer architectures.

His research focuses on the efficient use of highly parallel computer architectures to solve challenging scientific problems. He also develops fault-tolerant algorithms and software which make computing on millions of processors possible, and contributes to international programming standards such as OpenMP and OpenCL. He works with Intel, ARM, AMD, Nvidia and Cray, amongst many others.

Simon works with Intel on code modernisation and developing more efficient parallel programming models. He is also part of the Khronos standards group which develops the OpenCL, SPIR, OpenGL and Vulcan programming standard APIs.

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I work with companies to help them understand, evaluate and adopt next-generation computing technologies, from advanced many-core CPUs such as Intel’s latest Knights Landing processor, to graphics processors from AMD and Nvidia. I’ve worked with several businesses to help them understand these technologies and how to exploit them for significant business gains, usually by achieving significant performance gains for their computational needs.

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