Dr Matt Jones

Dr Matt Jones specialises in neuronal networks and control of cognitive behaviour. His research is underpinned by a number of productive industrial collaborations, as he explains.

“I’ve always collaborated with industry,” says Matt. “A range of companies have provided access to the pharmacological tools, disease models and techniques that I need for my research.”

As part of an MRC Senior Non-Clinical Fellowship, Matt worked with Lilly’s Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience (CCN), using proprietary technology to study altered sleep states that contribute to cognitive symptoms in schizophrenia. Matt now supervises Ullrich Bartsch’s Lilly Innovation Fellowship Award, ‘Sleep electrophysiology as a translational assay in schizophrenia'. These awards pair a post-doctoral scientist with their academic mentor and a Lilly scientist, who serves as an industry mentor, to advance an innovative research proposal.

Matt has cultivated collaborations with Eli Lilly & Co, Janssen, GSK, Pfizer and others, always driven by scientific need. Through his collaborations, most of the PhD students in Matt’s lab have involvement with industry through MRC Industry CASE studentships or similar schemes.

 “It benefits the student because they get experience of industry,” says Matt. “It benefits me because I get to access the tools and expertise that industry has. And it benefits the company because they get access to our unique electrophysiology and broader view of mechanisms of cognition.”

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All my industry collaborations have been about answering specific scientific questions that can help people – disregard academic and industrial stereotypes to focus on your common goals and you will certainly find common benefits. The business of industrial R&D is always in flux, but they know that academic collaborations offer an invaluable knowledge and skills base and – provided the expectations of both parties are realistic – good value for money. Perhaps academics need advertise their wares a little more actively.

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