We're here to help you meet others who share your passion for discovering new knowledge. We are dedicated to facilitating a vibrant community where individuals converge to explore fresh ideas, inventive methods, and uncharted questions. Through purposeful introductions and thoughtful networking events, we nurture dynamic research relationships, empowering people to embark on innovative creative research.

Networking through Events

Brigstow is committed to creating spaces for the cultivation of ideas and new practices. To achieve this we hold regular events to connect academics, creatives, professionals, and anyone interested in working with us with people who hold similar or even opposing interests, but are all committed to the pursuit of knowledge.

An illustration of a location pin with pathways over it Are you looking for connections?

Contact us, we can put your in touch with:

  • Artists
  • Creative industries
  • Charitable organisations
  • Businesses
  • The public and civic sector
  • Independent researchers
  • Academics across the university
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