BioDesign Innovation

Our Spin-Outs


Cytoseek's cell membrane augmentation technology enables them to add new functionalities to cell therapies including tissue specific targeting and enhanced cell survivability.

The University of Bristol spin-out have secured £1.1 million for ground-breaking 'supercharged' cell therapies to treat solid tumours.

Imophoron Imophoron is an innovative vaccine technology start-up based at Unit DX in Bristol. Their researchers have engineered a synthetic protein scaffold named the ADDomer®, which tricks the immune system into developing antibodies against the Chikungunya virus. Unlike most vaccines, their Chikungunya vaccine candidate can be produced and stored without refrigeration. 
Rosa Biotech

Rosa biotech combine protein design with machine learning to develop a sensing platform that mimics mammals' sense of smell to detect chronic diseases.

The spin-out have raised £760k from Angel Investors to commercialise this biosensing technology.


Zentraxa use bioengineering to produce peptides, specifically 'BioBetters', with predictable properties that are tailored to purpose.

The spin-out have secured £500k investment to commercialise their proprietary technological platform, Zentide, to produce biological adhesives for the heathcare sector.

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