Decolonising the curriculum

Many higher educational institutions and disciplines of study were created during colonial times and their curricula developed to match that world view. This has affected the way knowledge is produced, validated and disseminated. Decolonisation is an active process of critical scrutiny of our curricula and teaching practices aimed at understanding this legacy and beginning the work of dismantling it. 

Current activities

To support schools, studentsand staff in developing decolonial practice, BILT is: 

  • Funding some education development projects focused on developing a framework to evaluate the impacts of decolonial practices within schools. 

  • Developing resources on decolonisation within specific disciplines to decolonial activity within schools and curriculum development. 

  • Supporting a BILT student fellow working on decolonisation 

  • Running a reading group on decolonisation 

  • Running a seminar series on decolonisation together with the Centre for Black Humanities and the Conversations in Education initiative in the School of Education. 

Resources and guidance

  • Staff (Office document, 35kB) and Student (Office document, 36kB) decolonising and diversifying the curriculum survey templates – Designed by Alice Robson, Caroline McKinnon, Bronwen Burton and Alessia Dalceggio with input from BILT Mentors Foluke Adebisi, Alvin Birdi and Leon Tikly. 
  • Decolonising the Bristol curriculum newsletter (Sway)

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Decolonisation Zine

Read this online zine reflecting on decolonisation activities across the University researched and produced by Evelyn Miller, Student Fellow 2022-23.

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