What is it?

The Foundation in Arts and Social Sciences is a one-year introductory course that is designed to prepare students for an undergraduate degree.

What are the arts, humanities and social sciences?

We'll be looking at this question more closely on the course. But, broadly speaking, the ‘arts’ are subjects that look at all sorts of creative human endeavour – from the poetry of ancient Greece to modern cinema. At Bristol, this includes music, drama, visual art and literature – in English and in other modern and classical languages. The ‘humanities’ are subjects that consider the human condition from a variety of different perspectives. This can include the history of the modern and the ancient world, the study of world religions, anthropology and the science of human behaviour.  The 'social sciences' are subjects that investigate different aspects of modern societies using scientific methods, such as the way economies work, how education is delivered, how we might combat social issues, what political systems exist and how they work, and what the law is and how it should be interpreted.

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