Choosing to study an arts or humanities course will give you the opportunity to acquire many transferable skills which employers value highly. You can enter a diverse range of occupations which may or may not be specifically linked to the subject you choose to study for your degree. Arts and humanities subjects can also lead you into further study opportunities.

Many students who study arts or humanities based subject are driven by their interest and commitment to the subject. It is important to choose a subject which you like as you will be studying the subject for at least three or four years towards obtaining your degree.

Skills you will acquire throughout your arts and humanities courses will vary according to subject, but the key skills which are common to these subject areas are:

  • Communication skills - verbal and written
  • Time management - organising your workload, working to deadlines
  • Reading, interpreting, assessing and evaluating sources
  • Participating in discussions
  • Working  independently
  • Conveying opinions articulately
  • Thinking and acting creatively
  • Presenting ideas and information
  • Developing IT skills

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