Self-evaluation and self-help

  • First-year skills audit
    This questionnaire focuses on the ‘generic’, non-subject-specific skills that are common to all Arts subjects. You should complete it early in your first term, to help identify areas where you may need to put in extra effort or undertake specific training, and then review your answers several times over the course of the year to see how far you are making progress.
  • Approaches to learning and studying
    Different people learn in different ways. There isn't one single best way to learn, though certain approaches may be more or less effective in different disciplines or for different activities. What is essential is that you have some knowledge and understanding of the way that you learn, which is where this quiz can help.
  • Personal development planning
    Are you ready to cope with whatever the future might throw at you? Don't just wait for life to happen to you: take control of your destiny now.

Online exercises

  • Introductory exercises: note-taking and referencing
    The ability to take effective notes on the books and articles you read is essential
  • Introductory exercises: using the internet
    Check whether you're fully prepared for what will be expected of you at university level, and get some guidance on where to find advice if you need it.
  • Grammar skills
    Everyone need to write well, but what's the proper way to use apostrophe's? Making less mistakes, good punctuation can improve, how clear my argument is: good style as well. Follow the link above to see just how many ways the punctuation in the previous sentences could be improved. If you're looking for advice on how to make your writing polished and stylish as well as accurate, book a consultation with the Faculty Writing Fellow.

External training resources

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