Welcome to ArtsSkills, the on-line resource for all Bristol Arts students. 'Skills' and 'employability' are the latest buzz-words in the worlds of education and work, basic pre-requisites for success in your academic career as much as in your future employment.

This isn't just about workshops on giving presentations and writing a CV, it's about recognising the skills that you already have or are developing through your studies. The aim of ArtsSkills is to help you evaluate your own abilities, to plan for the future and to develop the skills that you need.

Introduction and guidance

Not sure what skills you need? Not sure what skills you already have? Not sure what a comma splice is or why it's a problem? Help is at hand with skills guidance.

Develop your writing skills

The Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellows are available for confidential, one-to-one consultations with anyone who has concerns about writing essays or wants to improve their writing skills.

Self-evaluation and self-help

The self-evaluation and self-help section includes forms to help you evaluate what skills you may need to develop and guidance and practice exercises on key skills like writing clear English and referencing your work.

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