Public engagement internships

This project involves four paid internships for History students at Bristol University. The interns will devise projects that communicate the network's ideas and issues, and hope to start a dialogue between academics, policy makers, and the broader public. 

Hard Labour: The History of Work

This Lecture Response Unit was available to final year History undergraduates and postgraduates in 2014-15.

Why do men do less washing-up? Why do women get paid less? Is being a housewife a proper job? This unit will explore the history of work in the twentieth century, paying particular attention to the distribution of work between men and women. We will consider formal employment, unpaid work, volunteering, domestic work and reproductive labour. Major themes to be covered include how the political, emotional, and economic value of work has been measured, and how this has been affected by developments in politics, the economy, policy, civil society, the family and the workplace. Sources for this study include datasets, eyewitness accounts and memoirs, sociological studies, political debates, newspapers and other media.