Research collaborations

Alongside the Faculty Research Centres, our Insitutes and collaborations also provide a focus for interdisciplinary work.

Institutes and collaborations

Institute of Greece, Rome and the Classical Tradition

Director: Professor Yasmin Haskell

Bristol Poetry Institute

Directors: Professor David Punter and Dr William Wootten

Buddhist Studies

Director: Dr Rupert Gethin

Christianity and Culture

Director: Professor Gavin D'Costa

History of Music in Britain, the Empire and the Commonwealth

Directors: Dr Guido Heldt and Dr Florian Scheding

Romantic and Victorian Studies

Director: Professor Andrew Bennett

Colonial and Postcolonial Societies

Director: Dr Madhu Krishnan

Visual and Literary Cultures in France

Contact: Professor Susan Harrow

2017-18 research clusters

Each year we support new interdisciplinary and collaborative, research clusters, giving early-career and more experienced academics the opportunity to investigate new areas of research together.

Borders and Borderlands

Co-ordinator: Professor Helen Fulton (English)

Early Modern Studies (EMS)

Co-ordinators: Dr Sebastiaan Verweij (English) and Dr Kenneth Austin (History)

The Embodied Mind

Co-ordinators: Professor Esther Eidinow (Classics and Ancient History) and Dr Isabella Sandwell (Classics and Ancient History)

Global Feminisms

Co-ordinator: Dr Rosalind Powell (English)

Global Slaveries

Co-ordinators: Dr Andrea Livesey (History) and Dr Richard Stone (History)

Linguistics and Language Variation

Co-ordinator: Professor Fiona Jordan (Anthropology and Archaeology)

Modern Britain Research

Co-ordinator: Dr Amy Edwards (History)

Oral History Research

Co-ordinators: Professor John Foot (Italian) and Dr Grace Huxford (History)

The Perspective from the Sea

Co-ordinator: Dr Laurence Publicover (English)

Screen Research

Co-ordinators: Dr Jacqueline Maingard (Film and Television) and Dr Catherine O’Rawe (Italian)


Co-ordinators: Dr Emma Cole (Classics and Ancient History) and Dr Lyndsay Coo (Classics and Ancient History)

Transnational Theatrical Exchange, 1750

Co-ordinator: Dr Clare Siviter (French)

Urban Humanities

Co-ordinators: Dr Ruth Glynn (Italian), Dr Erika Hanna (History), Simeon Koole (Liberal Arts and History) and Dr Lena Zuchowski (Philosophy)

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