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Books with more than one author

Where books have more than one author, the names of all should be included in the reference list entry. The name of the second and subsequent authors should be written in CAPITALS like the first but with initials preceding the surname. If there are two names, they should be separated with '&', rather than 'and' as it is shorter. Further names should be separated with commas.


BROWN, J.I. & N.I. Harvey, 1990. Prospects for the British dinosaur industry in the 1990s. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

RODDICK, C.R., F.T. FELLOWS, J. BOND & R.O. JENKINS, 1997.Cooking with caterpillars and other British larvae. London: Staunton.



Write out a reference list entry for the following work.

Authors: Julian Henry Thompson and Simon James Clayton

Title: Adventures with Cape Buffalo in the African bush

Date: 1921

Place of publication: Cape Town

Publisher: Purdey

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Fill in the gaps in this reference list entry,

ROOSEVELT,, W.S. CHURCHILL, M. THATCHER A. BLAIR, . Political leadership in the twentieth century. Westminster Gallery Press.

Word bank: &, 1960, :, F.D.

ROOSEVELT,F.D., W.S. CHURCHILL, M. THATCHER & A. BLAIR, 1960. Political leadership in the twentieth century. Westminster: Gallery Press.

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