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Recorded media - films, music, sound recordings etc.

Speech or music recordings

When making reference to recordings of speech or music, notes should include, where applicable:

  • Name of the author/composer
  • Title
  • Artist/orchestra/actor etc
  • Conductor
  • CD reference number

The information should be separated by full stops.


Bob Dylan. Greatest Hits. 460907 9.

The Doors. LA Woman. 7559-75011-2

Films and Video

References to films and other video recordings should be made in a similar way to sound recordings, including the following:

  • Title - in italics
  • Director - after 'Dir.'
  • Leading actors/artists
  • Distributor
  • Date
  • Reference number


Yojimbo: The Bodyguard. Dir. Akira Kurosawa. Connoisseur Video. 1961. VHS CR 117.

Dune. Dir. David Lynch. Polygram Video. 1984. VHS 6373803.