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Chapters or Articles from Books

When reference is made to a chapter or article in a book made up of contributions from several authors, the note must include the following (as well as the information required for books as set out above)

  • The author of the article/chapter - as it is written in the book
  • The title of the article/chapter - enclosed in single quotation marks
  • The first and last page numbers of the article/chapter, following 'pp.'
  • The specific page number(s) of the reference in brackets.

The name of the article or chapter should be followed by comma, and 'in' should be written before the title of the book.


Douglas Service, 'Punting: Punts and Equipment' in Wildfowling ed. by Eric Parker, The Lonsdale Library 24 (London: Seeley Service, 1954), p. 221.

Brent D. Shaw, 'Who Were the Circumcellions?' in Vandals, Romans and Berbers: New Perspectives on Late Antique North Africa ed. by A. H. Merrills (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2004), pp. 227-58 (p. 229).



Place the missing words and punctuation into the gaps.

Roy Jordan, 'Basic Training' The Complete Gundog, John Humphreys (Newton Abbot David & Charles, ), p. 38.

Word bank: 1990, :, ed. by, in

Roy Jordan, 'Basic Training' in The Complete Gundog, ed. by John Humphreys (Newton Abbot: David & Charles, 1990), p. 38.

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