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Chapters or articles from books

When reference is made to a chapter or article in a book made up of contributions from several authors, the note must include the following:

  • The author of the article/chapter - in CAPITALS, surname first.
  • The year of publication
  • The title of the article/chapter - in normal script
  • The name of the editor of the book - in CAPITALS, initials first, followed by 'ed.'
  • The title of the book in which the chapter/article appears - in italics
  • The first and last page numbers of the article/chapter.

The name of the article or chapter should be followed by a full stop, and 'In:' should be written before the name of the editor of the book. The date of publication should follow the name of the author of the chapter/article.

The first and last page numbers of the article/chapter should not be preceded by 'pp.'


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