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Books with an editor or translator

Some books are made up of contributions from several authors with the name of an editor or editors written on the title page. In this case, the name of the editor is written in place of the name of the author, followed by 'ed.' or 'eds.' after the comma. (See below for guidance on how to write an entry for a contribution to a book.)


NEVILLE, J.T., ed., 1989. The implications of the Bristol Sausage Survey. London: Brown.

WILSON, S.T., ed., 1985. The Cumberland Sausage: a British cultural icon. London: Butcher's Press.

Other books, particularly new editions of old works, or 'classics', have an author and an editor. In this case both are recorded. The name of the editor should follow the title of the work, preceded by 'ed.' or 'eds.' and should be in capitals with initials preceding the surname.

Similarly, if the work was originally written in a foreign language, the name of the translator should be written in the same place and in the same format as the name of the editor, preceded by 'tr.'


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VON TRAPP, B.T., 1978. Bavarian cuisine. tr. C.R. RODDICK. New York: Hereford.