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Books with a single author

The structure of the reference list for books is the simplest and provides the pattern for all other types of publication. Each entry should include the following information:

  • Name of the author - in CAPITALS
  • Date - year of publication
  • Title - as written on the title page of the book, including any subtitle
  • Edition - if not the first
  • Publication details - place of publication, publisher

The name of the author should be written in CAPITALS, with the surname preceding the initials, and should be followed by a comma. Initials should always be used in preference to given names, even if the full name of the author is used on the title page of the book.

The year of publication can be found on the title page or copyright page of the book and should be followed by a full stop.

The title should be written in italics. There is no need to capitalise the first letter of words that are not normally capitalised in the title. The title and subtitle should be separated by a colon, and followed by a full stop.

The place of publication is written first, and is separated from the name of the publisher by a colon. If the place of publication is in the USA, include the standard abbreviation for the American state to avoid confusion e.g. Manchester, CT or Venice, FL.

Each entry should end with a full stop.


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