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Articles from Journals

References to articles found in journals are written in a similar manner to those in books. The note should include:

  • The name of the author - as it is written in the article
  • The title - enclosed in single quotation marks
  • The name of the journal - in italics
  • The volume number of the journal in Arabic numerals ('1, 2' not 'I, VI')
  • Year in which the volume was published
  • The first and last page numbers of the article, without 'pp.'
  • The specific page number(s) of the reference, following 'p.' or 'pp.' in brackets.

Note that there is no need to use the word 'in', but there should be a comma after the title of the article.

Where a name or other word in the title is enclosed in quotation marks, use double quotation marks in the reference. Only use abbreviations of journal titles where the reader is certain to know to which journal you are referring.


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P. R. L. Brown, 'Religious Dissent in the Later Roman Empire: The Case of North Africa', History, 46 (1961), 83-101 (p. 84).