Our research

The ART Cohort Collaboration, which includes 20 cohort studies from Europe and North America, was established to estimate prognosis of HIV-1 positive, treatment naïve patients initiating highly active antiretroviral therapy (ART).

The first paper resulting from the collaboration was published in The Lancet on 13 July 2002. The database now includes information on over 100,000 patients and we regularly publish papers and contribute to major HIV conferences such as CROI and IAS.

A major success of the collaboration has been to develop risk calculators to estimate prognosis in the first 5 years of ART. We have also worked with the VACS cohort to validate their 'VACS Index', which uses detailed lab measurements, both HIV and non-HIV related to estimate prognosis. Click here for more information.

Our current research interests include:

  • Cause-specific mortality following the start of ART
  • Rates and causes of hospitalizations following the start of ART
  • The impact of alcohol and substance use on prognosis
  • Prognosis following a cancer diagnosis whilst on ART

All projects are initially written up as a concept sheet and discussed by the ART-CC Executive Committee. Here is a document of approved concept sheets (Office document, 404kB) currently underway and here is a blank concept sheet (Office document, 42kB).

For all papers, writing committees (Office document, 57kB) are agreed, and all authors on the writing committee will have access to the paper at each stage of the article-writing process.

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