Vesalius Clinical Training Centre

A world-class facility delivering practically-based understanding of anatomy for clinical practice.

The Centre has partnerships with academia, the NHS, Severn Deanery, medical device industry, professional organisations and donors. These partnerships, and the facility, enable us to provide full direct support for the delivery of the highest standards of training and development for healthcare professionals.

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Supporting a wide range of surgical skills courses designed for clinicians in various specialities, including orthopaedic, vascular and reconstructive.

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The facilities at the centre are first-class and with provisions for storing up to 52 donors, the centre is the optimum space to host specialist courses.

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We endeavour to seek out and respond to opportunities for research and development, related to surgical techniques, devices and implants.

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The centre is continually developing links with other external providers from within healthcare professions and from industry.

Body bequests

Donating bodies to the School of Anatomy for education and research: find out more about donating, and how bodies are used.

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Phone: +44 (0)117 928 7404/7489

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