Pet Memorial Education Programme

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The University of Bristol trains up to 200 Anatomy, Veterinary Science and Veterinary Nursing students every year and holds regular training courses for qualified veterinary surgeons. As a world-leading centre for veterinary education and anatomy, we work hard to help our students become skilled and compassionate professionals.

Studying real animals is the best way for students to improve their knowledge of anatomy and develop the professional expertise required to become a vet. Just as medical and dental students learn by studying donated human bodies, our students study the bodies of animals. Our Pet Memorial Education Programme provides us with the animals we need to support this hugely important training tool. We rely on the support of pet owners to help us train the next generation of vets and ensure that the animals they care for continue to get the best possible treatment.

If you are interested in finding out more about the pet donation process then further information can be found here in our Pet Memorial Education Program Leaflet (PDF, 2,712kB)

Should you be interested in registering your pet with us for donation please first read our information booklet (PDF, 7,637kB) and then download ‌and complete our pet bequest form (PDF, 80kB).


Contact us

For more information on donating your pet to the School of Anatomy please contact us on:

We take pride in preparing our students to give the best possible treatment for the animals that will be under their care when they qualify. We rely on the generosity and understanding of those who donate their pets to help future generations of vets and the animals they will care for.

Professor Richard Hammond, Head of Bristol Veterinary School
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