Short stay accommodation

The Accommodation Office is able to offer limited short stay accommodation in our residences to current University of Bristol students only. During our main tenancy period this will be subject to availability. 

During the summer months, we have more availability but please note that our residences are used in the summer period for a variety of reasons, so we have availability for short stay bookings only in a limited number of residences. We cannot guarantee to make any student a short stay booking. All bookings are for a minimum of 7 nights.  

To apply for a short stay in residences please complete the Short Stay Accommodation Booking Request form. 

What happens next?

If we are able to offer you accommodation we will email you to confirm your place.  Full accommodation and payment details will be sent once your offer is confirmed.

Alternative options

If you don't meet the criteria for a short stay or if the options provided are not suitable for your needs, you may want to look at other short term accommodation options available in Bristol. 

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