6.1 Student performance and monitoring of progress

The University expects research students to make good progress in their studies and to complete their research within the normal study period for the award. The progress of research students is monitored to ensure that student completion rates remain high and in order to comply with statutory reporting to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). 

All research students must be monitored in terms of attendance and performance and if, at any time, a student’s progress is identified as being unsatisfactory, or the standard of their work is below that which is expected, the enhanced academic support process in Section 6.3 must be followed. If academic progress remains unsatisfactory, the procedure in Annex 3 will be initiated. The faculty must provide clear guidance on progress review processes and systems. The main supervisor must make the student aware of these requirements.

6.1.1 Research degree programmes that contain a taught component

The assessment, monitoring and progression requirements of any taught components that are part of a research degree programme must be clearly set out.  The relevant sections of the Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes apply to the assessment of any taught components.