Exploring treatments for younger children with CFS/ME

This study is investigating CFS/ME in younger children (5-11-year olds) and explore ways in which treatment should be adapted for this younger age-group.  

CACH Staff: Amberly Brigden (PhD)

This research aims to understand more about younger children with CFS/ME (5-11-year-olds), we want to understand:

  • The clinical characteristics of CFS/ME in younger children
  • Rates of recovery at 6 and 12 months
  • Which factors change recovery rates
  • The views of children with condition and the views of their parents/carer, clinicians and teachers

Project1: This project will use information to describe the characteristics of younger children: their age and gender; the types of symptoms they have; how severe their symptoms are; and how much school they miss. It will also investigate how many children get better at 6 and 12 months and whether there are factors that predict recovery.

Project2: A systematic review to consider what is already known about how health interventions are delivered to children aged 5-11-years.

Project3: This project will explore the views of children with CFS/ME, their parents/carers, their clinicians and their teachers.  

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