Working together to solve the great poultry industry challenges by 2026

Poultry Meat

With a track record of working alongside industry to refine methods of catching, transport and slaughter as well as evaluating housing systems and welfare assessment methods, CIEL offers many possibilities for small-scale trials aimed at improving bird health, welfare and productivity.

Egg Laying

Extending our collaborative work on housing design, injurious pecking, red mite, rearing systems, bone biology and welfare assessment to develop innovative ways to optimise egg quality and business performance through improved health and welfare.


  • CIEL provides a focused gateway to a core of 12 world-class research institutes to develop new industry-needed solutions as well as commercial trial farms for real world results.
  • Bristol is one of two national poultry research facilities within CIEL. Our world-class fundamental studies have shaped understanding of the needs and capacities of poultry, informing new methods of husbandry and improving productivity.
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