Our research

Research groups

Our research is focused within three groups:

Underpinning our research

The following themes underpin research in all three groups:

Research facilities

We have excellent laboratory facilities across all our sites, providing our academics with equipment and techniques ranging from flow cytometry, real-time PCR, HPLC and gas chromatography to video recording suites, thermal imaging and operant technology. The university is committed to ensuring better utilisation of the Langford site as a ‘research hub’ and several investments have been made to open specialist facilities such as a surgical and diagnostic clinical facility for small animals, including a 16-slice CT scanner and a 1.5T MRI, and an equine surgical facility, both of which have had a positive impact on case-based research.  A recently opened state-of-the-art dairy unit also provides another unique research resource.

Our academics also have access to a large range of research facilities belonging to the Faculty of Medical and Veterinary Sciences as a whole.

Research Seminars

Impact Stories

Research on film

Kate Allen describes how a unique research-technique, using a horse treadmill together with a telemeted endoscope, is being used to research poor performance in individual horses.