There has been an Abattoir at Langford since the sixties, in fact we are the only Veterinary School to have one.
Its original purpose was as part of the meat research institute, analysing, dissecting and testing meat and its properties. As a consequence of this research the abattoir progressed to animal welfare and the effect of good welfare during the slaughter process and immediately before. The University still run one of the most comprehensive Animal Welfare courses in the country delivered by experts with decades of welfare research and experience that is recognised worldwide.
Our fame as a training abattoir is spreading, we now not only have Students from Bristol but also Cambridge and the Royal Veterinary College to complete their Veterinary Public Health training. Helping to educate the next generation of Veterinarians.
Our handpicked staff have many years’ experience in the meat trade and are all animal welfare officers (it’s part of the job requirement for our abattoir). They have worked in various local abattoirs and Butchers shops learning their trade and now our customers benefit from that expertise. They are skilled in the slaughter and dressing of cattle, sheep, pigs and goats.


Much as we would like to we do not, at present, have the facility to buy and sell animals and do not have a retail outlet. What we offer is the finest slaughter service to smallholders/Farmers and local businesses, processing their animals to welfare standards approved not only by the Food Standards Agency, but also Freedom Foods and the Soil Association. We also offer an on site independant Butchery service to our customers.


We have nothing to hide. At a time when abattoirs are receiving bad press and closing their doors to the public, we welcome six form/Agricultural colleges and other Universities for educational visits at a pre- arranged fee, given expert guidance through the processes involved in producing the best carcasses possible.

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