Veterinary Nursing

Embedded within the School of Veterinary Sciences is the Veterinary Nursing Group led by Ms Andrea Jeffery. The Veterinary Nursing Group offer a Veterinary Nursing and Bioveterinary Science degree course which combines a high standard of education in both bioveterinary science and veterinary nursing.  In addition, the group also offers a Veterinary Nursing and Companion Animal Behaviour degree course which combines both veterinary nursing and clinical animal behaviour.  Both degree offer students the opportunity to work within a range of clinical environments, including first opinion and referral veterinary practice.

Education A major focus of the research carried out by the group is education, specifically with respect to the training of veterinary nurses. Specific research in nursing principles being undertaken at Langford focuses on the continued development of the Orpet and Jeffery Ability Model of veterinary nursing care by means of data collection from nurse practitioners on a national basis.

Clinical Animal Behaviour is a key area of research at the School of Veterinary Sciences research is applied in practice within our on-site behavioural referral clinic – an excellent resource for our Veterinary Nursing and Companion Animal Behaviour students.

Undergraduate research dissertations As an emerging profession, veterinary nursing is in its infancy with respect to the generation of specific nursing research however Bristol is at the forefront and is unique in having published a number of undergraduate dissertations in a variety of journals. The majority of these publications have been generated from clinical studies carried out by final year veterinary nursing students under the supervision of a veterinary clinician. 


Mrs Andrea Jeffery
Senior Teaching Fellow

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