Clinical Pathology

The Clinical Pathology group comprises of a number of diagnosticians, clinicians, scientists and laboratory technicians investigating various aspects related to laboratory medicine and laboratory diagnostics. The work takes place in the Diagnostic Laboratories by the laboratory staff but there is a continuous and close collaboration with other Clinical Research groups such as the Small Animal Medicine. Collaborative research projects are carried out in the areas of Infectious diseases, including arthropod borne diseases, gastrointestinal diseases in dogs and cats and in FIV and haemoplasma infections in cats.

The main activities of the Clinical Pathology group include the evaluation and validation of laboratory diagnostic equipment, development and clinical evaluation of novel diagnostic tests, performance of studies based on analysis of clinicopathological data and the team also collaborate with the AMR group research at the Vet School, either by collaborating with surveillance and collection of samples or by evaluating diagnostic modalities that can lead to reduced antimicrobial use.

Recent studies


Dr Pip Lait 
Head of the Molecular Diagnostic Unit

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