The University of Bristol Veterinary School is accredited by the following professional bodies, meaning that graduates of its Veterinary programmes have the opportunity to practise in multiple countries around the world.* 

*From July 2019 graduates of both BVSc Veterinary Science programmes will be able to practise in the USA and Canada, subject to completion of the NAVLE exam. 

The BVSc Veterinary Science course is accredited by all of the above bodies, allowing graduates to practice in the UK, EU, Australia and South Africa. 

The BVSc Veterinary Science: Accelerated Graduate Entry course has full accreditation from the AVMA. As a new course, launched in 2019, it is undergoing the normal process for accreditation with the RCVS, EAEVE, AVBC and SAVC. Accreditation is due in 2021 and should apply for all graduates of the course.



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