Surgical research

‌‌We are interested in understanding the molecular basis of surgical conditions using a number of in vitro human cellular models of the lower urinary tract and also complementary physiological rodent models of surgical conditions.  We are also heavily involved in the establishment and study of patients with debilitating surgical conditions such as cystinuria through the national RADAR directive.

We have a good track record in training academic surgeons and obtaining peer reviewed funding from organisations such as the Royal College of Surgeons and Kidney Research UK.  We work closely with Mr Mark Woodward who is an honorary Senior Lecturer in Bristol University and Consultant Paediatric Urology surgeon in Bristol Children’s hospital.

Our current interests include the molecular biology underpinning the kidney stone condition, cystinuria, and also understanding the fundamental molecular basis explaining why some babies born with partial kidney obstruction go on to damage their kidneys and others do not.  Ultimately we hope that our research will help inform surgeons on best practice and lead to better patient outcomes.

Cystinuria stones


USS of a neonatal kidney obstruction
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