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Aukin, Liane Archive of Liane Aukin (1936 - 2016), actress, playwright, scriptwriter, producer and lifelong supporter of women's rights. Her written work included the all female play Silver Lady (1984), based on the life of big band leader, Ivy Benson.
Ayrton, Norman Records relating to the career of Norman Ayrton (1924 - 2017); actor, theatre and opera director, drama teacher and former principal of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).
Brown, Shirley Archive of the Bristol-based writer Shirley Brown, active from the 1970s onward. Includes papers relating to her career as a freelance writer, and relating to theatre in general.
Burra, Ella Ella Burra was a female playwright active at the beginning of the 20th century. This archive forms part of the Women's Theatre Collection.
Croall, Jonathan The archive of theatre journalist Jonathan Croall, composed of research materials he compiled in his roles at the Old Vic and National Theatres, and while writing biographies of Sybil Thorndike and Sir John Gielgud. Also included is a small collection of material related to the careers of his parents, the actor John Stuart (1898 - 1979) and actress and voice coach Barbara Francis (1910 - 1983).
Davis, Rosemary Archive of British actress and playwright Rosemary Davis (1926 - 2014), best known for Twilight of the Gods.
Elyot, Kevin Papers of the actor and playwright Kevin Elyot (1951 - 2014), best known as the writer of My Night with Reg.
Farjeon Family Material related to 3 individuals from 4 generations of the Farjeon family, donated by the Farjeon estate. Those 3 are: 1. JF) Scenic artist Joan Jefferson Farjeon (1913 - 2006) 2. JJ) Actor Joseph Jefferson the Third (1829 - 1905) 3. JJF) Actor, journalist, dramatist, script writer & novelist Joseph Jefferson Farjeon (1883 - 1955)
Fletcher, Cyril The archive of Cyril Fletcher (1913 - 2005) comedian, writer and entrepreneur, best known for his Odd Odes, which later formed a section of the 1980s television show That's Life!
Friestadt, Berta Archive of Berta Freistadt (1942 – 2009), lesbian-feminist playwright, stage director, novelist, teacher and performance poet. Notable published works include: Dope Smoking Lesbians Can Never Be Good Teachers (1990)
Garth, Phyllida Phyllida Garth was an author, poet, songwriter and producer and director of amateur religious musical dramas. She was active c.1950s - 1990s and worked mostly in and around Cornwall, England, having involvement with The Pollock Players and the Minack Theatre.
Grenfell, Joyce Archive of Joyce Grenfell (1910 - 1979), British actress, writer and comedienne who was the Queen of the comic monologue, and was an acclaimed comedy performer on stage, radio, television and film.
Grundy, Sydney Collection of scripts related to the English dramatist and librettist Sydney Grundy (1848 - 1914).
Macnamara, Margaret Archive of the playwright and dramaturg Margaret Macnamara (Margaret Mack) (1874 - 1950), whose work often had social, pacifist, and feminist themes.
Madden, Cecil Archive of the television pioneer, author and playwright Cecil Madden (1902 - 1987), mostly composed of a large collection of playscripts, including adaptations of French and Spanish language plays.
Norton, Frederic The archive of the British composer George Frederic Norton (1869 - 1946), most associated with musical comedies such as Chu Chin Chow.
Novello, Ivor A collection of items related to the career of composer Ivor Novello (1893 - 1951). Includes manuscripts, scores, photographs, playbills and programmes.
Rayman, Sylvia This collection holds documentation related to the English playwright Sylvia Rayman (1923 - 1986) whose debut was the all-women production Women of Twilight (1951), billed as 'London's most daring play'.
Ridley, Arnold Archive of Arnold Ridley OBE (1896 - 1984), the British playwright and actor. Best known for his performance in the BBC sitcom Dad's Army, his plays included The Ghost Train.
Smith, ACH ACH Smith (b. 1935) is a British novelist, playwright and poet. His collection contains material relating to Orghast at Persepolis including working notes, photographs, Ted Hughes material, a programmes and reviews relating to locally staged (Bristol and South West of England) and national productions, from the 1960s to present day.
Smith, Phil The archive of the Mythogeographic performer, writer, and educator Dr Phil Smith, active since 2000. 
Smyth, Ethel (Dame) Collection of scripts and short stories by the writer, composer and Suffragette Dame Ethel Smyth (1858 - 1944).
Vaughan, Tom Archive of producer and actor Tom Vaughan (1911 - 1994), who also served as Governor of The London Old Vic, Chair of the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation and Drama Critic for The Morning Star.
Witney, Frederick Frederick / Fredrick Witney was an English playwright active from the 1920s to the 1950s, who specialised in comedies before becoming most well-known for his work in the Grand Guignol style of horror play.
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