Theatre Collection library

The Theatre Collection library has over 25,000 books and more than 300 journal titles on all aspects of theatre.

Our books and journals are catalogued on the University of Bristol Library catalogue. There is also a quick list of journals.

The majority of our books are openly available for browsing but we also have a Rare Book Collection where items may be accessed on request.

All books are reference only, and may not be removed from the Theatre Collection without the permission of staff. Please note that we do not participate in the InterLibrary Loan Scheme, but we may be able to copy material for you on request.

Download the TC Library Guide (PDF, 597kB).

Search the library

Our library materials can be searched for via the main University Library search tool:

Search the library

You may also find the following lists of uncatalogued items useful:

Theatre Collection Holdings - Dicks' Standard Plays by Number (PDF, 397kB)

Theatre Collection Holdings - Dicks' Standard Plays by Play Title (PDF, 395kB)

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