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The Theatre Collection library has over 25,000 books and more than 300 journal titles on all aspects of theatre.

Our books and journals are catalogued on the University of Bristol Library catalogue. There is also a quick list of journals.

The majority of our books are openly available for browsing but we also have a Rare Book Collection where items may be accessed on request.

All books are reference only, and may not be removed from the Theatre Collection without the permission of staff. Please note that we do not participate in the InterLibrary Loan Scheme, but we may be able to copy material for you on request.

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Theatre Collection Holdings - Dicks' Standard Plays by Number (PDF, 397kB)

Theatre Collection Holdings - Dicks' Standard Plays by Play Title (PDF, 395kB)


Journal list

The Theatre Collection holds a range of theatre, film, television and dance-related periodicals and magazines, dating from the 19th century to the present day. They are listed here alphabetically, with their date runs.

Please note that the dates given are the earliest and latest issues of the journal run. There are gaps in many of the runs and you are advised to contact the Theatre Collection to check that the issues you require are available before you visit.


Theatre journals
Association of British Theatre Technicians (ABTT) News and Update 1990, 1999
Adaptation in Film & Performance 2007-current
After Dark: magazine of entertainment (incorporating Ballroom Dance Magazine) 1968-1980
All The Year Round 1859-1867
Amateur Stage, The 1926-1929
Amateur Stage (new series) 1947-2011
Amateur Theatre and Playwrights' Journal 1934-1938
American Theatre 1991-1998
Animations 1978-1992, 1998
Around The Globe 1996-2011
Artists' Gallery: Celebrities of the English Stage, The Unclear
Australasian Drama Studies 1984
Australian & New Zealand Theatre Record 1990
Arts Gazette 1920
Author, Playwright and Composer, The 1928, 1942
Baconiana: the journal of the Francis Bacon Society 1947-1949
Black & White 1897
Bookman, The 1908-1924
Bravo 1930
Bristol Old Vic Theatre Club Newsletter 1997-current
Cahiers d'Art Dramatique 1945-1950
Call Boy (Bristol Guild of Players) 1946-1949
Call Boy, The (British Music Hall Society) 1964-2007
Cast 1947-1948
Celebrities of the Stage 1900
Chapbook and Monthly Chapbook, The 1919-1921
Civic Entertainment 1948-1950
Comic Heritage 1996-1999
Contemporary Theatre Review Nov 2009
Costume 1980, 1991
Crim-Con Gazette 1839
Critical Quarterly 1959-1970, 1976
Cuesheet 1996-2000
Curtain Up 1948-1958
Curtain, The 1922-1932
Curtain, The or English Entr'acte Jan & Feb 1847
DAWN (Drama Association of Wales) 1993-current
Devil in London, The 1839
Dickensian, The 1945-1953
Drama (British Drama League & British Theatre Association) 1919-1939, 1939-1945, 1946-1989
Drama (The Quarterly Theatre Review) 1974-1989
(Tulane) Drama Review 1959-1976
Drama Survey 1961-1968
Drama (USA), The: a monthly review 1921-1930
Dramatic and Musical Review, The: A Record of Public Amusements 1846
The Dramatic Censor; or Weekly Theatrical Report 1800
Educational Theatre Journal 1950-1978
Empire, The Unclear
Encore 1956-1965
Encore 2002-2004
Encore Annual, The 1895-1913
Entr'acte & Limelight, The (plus Entr'acte & Limelight Almanack and The Entr'acte Annual) 1876-1899
Era, The 1850-1851, 1862-1863, 1866, 1869, 1870, 1873-1878, 1880-1894, 1895-1919 (NB. Missing Jan-Jun 1891, 1893, Jul-Dec 1894, 1913 & 1914)
Essays in Criticism 1954-1965
Essays in Theatre/Etrudes Theatrales 1982-2002
Everybody's Weekly 1941, 1944
Figaro Illustré 1894
Film and Theatre Today 1949
The Fire-side Journal, and Odd Fellow: A Miscellany of Literature, Amusement, and Romance 1843
First Knight (Irving Society journal) 1997-current
Flourish (RSC Theatre Club) 1964-1971
Footlight Notes 1994
Franklin's Miscellany 1838-1839
Gambit: An International Drama Quarterly Unclear
Gambit (International Theatre Review) 1967-1986
Gentlewoman, The 1901
Germinal Unclear
Gilbert and Sullivan Journal, The 1925-1981
Globe, The 1988-1996
Golden Hind, The 1923
Great Gun, The 1844-1845
Grumbler, The 1837
Harlequin 1944
Honey Pot, The 1919-1920
Hybrid Magazine 1992-1994
Illustrated London News, The 1848-1885
Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, The: A High Class Weekly Journal of Sport, Art, Literature, Music and The Drama 1874-1928
Independent Shavian, The: journal of New York Shavians, incorporated 1962-1980
Irvingite, The (Irving Society newsletter) 2001-current
Jardin Des Arts, Le 1955-1964
Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism 1997
Journal of Media Practice 2000-2008
Jury: A Magazine of Film and Theatre Criticism 1965-1966
L'Art du Théâtre 1906
Lady's Magazine, The 1795
Ladies' Monthly Museum, The 1819
Lilliput 1945-1950
Liveart Letters 1996-2002-
Liveart magazine 1993-2003
London As It Is 1838
London Life Jan-Jun 1897
London Mercury and Bookman, The February 1938
Magnet, The: A Journal Devoted to the Interests of the Music Hall, Theatrical & Equestrian Professions 1915
Mailout 2002-2010
Maîtres de l’Affiche, Les 1896
Man in the Moon, The 1947-1949
Manchester Playgoer, The 1912-1913
Mask, The (Edward Gordon Craig) 1908-1929
Medieval English Theatre 1985-current
Mirror of the World, The 1838
Modern Drama 1962-current
Modern International Drama 1985-1989
Monthly Mirror, The 1801
Moonshine 1856
Music Hall Memories 1935-1936
Music Hall Records/Music Hall 1979-2000
Music Hall Studies 2008-current
Musical Stages Winter 2006/7-Summer 2008
Musical Theatre Winter 2006/7-Summer 2008
NATYA Theatre Arts Journal 1958-1962
New Plays Quarterly Nos.1-66
New Theatre 1939-1949
New Theatre Magazine 1959-1972
New Theatre Quarterly 1985-current
New York Theatre Critics' Reviews 1953-1971
Nic Nac, The 1823-1824
Nightlife, Incorporating Variety Fare 1947-1948
Nineteenth Century Theatre (Research) 1973-2000
NODA Bulletin 1953
Now & Then Spring 1929
Now a days 1947
Old Vic and Sadler's Wells Magazine 1931-1939
Old Vic Magazine 1919-1930
Our Time 1944-1947
Overtures: The Magazine of the Musical 1979-1981
Oxberry's Weekly Budget of Plays and Magazine of Romance, Whim, and Interest 1843
P-form: A Journal of Interdisciplinary and Performance Art 1986-1999
Paris Theatre Nos.51-112, 123
People's National Theatre Magazine and People’s Theatre (London) Magazine 1933-1948
Pedlar's Pack 1955-1965
Penguin Music Magazine 1946-1949
Performance Magazine Issues 1-66
Performance Research 1996-current
Performer, The (Variety Artistes' Federation) 1907-1953
Performing Arts Journal 1986
Pick-Me-Up 1891-1894
Pictorial Comedy 1907
Pictorial Times, The 1844-1846
Pictorial World, The 1875
Picture Post 1939, 1940, 1942, 1944, 1952
Play Pictorial 1902-1939
Play Pictorial, The 1900
Play, The 1904
Playbill 1960, 1986-1990
Players' Magazine 1962-1965, 1967
Players, The: An Illustrated Independent Dramatic Organ 1891-1892
Playgoer 1945-1950
Playgoer and Society Illustrated, The 1909-1913
Playgoer Weekly, The 1911
Playgoer, The 1888-1889
Playgoer, The 1901
Playgoer, The Unclear, edited by Fred Dangerfield
Playgoers' Magazine, The Unclear
Plays 1984
Plays and Players 1929-1930
Plays and Players (new series) 1953-2000
Plays and Playgoers (Bradford Playgoers Society) 1913-1914
Plays International 1985-current
Play's the Thing, The (U.B.D.S) 1957-1958
Popular Music and Dancing Weekly 1924
Proscenium, The: A Magazine Devoted to the Art of the Theatre 1919
Prompt (Theatrical Management Association) 1995-1996
Prompt (Avon Association of Drama) 1975-current
Prompt (UCL) 1963
Queen, The 1861
Queue 1931
Red Letters 1976-1979
Research Opportunities in Renaissance Drama (New Series) 1964-1993
Restoration & Eighteenth Century Research 1963-1976
Round the Town 1923
RSC News (formerly Flourish) 1974-1998
Sadler's Wells Magazine 1965-1967
Savoyard, The 1962-1982
Scene 1962-1963
Scottish Amateur Theatre, The 1936-1937
Scottish Stage, The 1930-1936
Shakespeare Newsletter, The 1951-1964
Shakespeare Pictorial 1930-1939
Shakespeare Quarterly 1960-1998
Shakespeare Quarterly (Austrian Shakespeare Society) 1948
Shakespeare Review, The 1928
Shaw Bulletin, The 1951-1956
Sightline (Association of British Theatre Technicians) 1974-2006
Sketch, The 1894-1911
Stage and Sport Illustrated 1906
Stage, The 1945-current
Stage (USA), The 1873, 1933-1939
Stagecoach 1995-1996
Stories of the Great Operas, The Unclear
Strand, The 1891-1949
Stratford-upon-Avon Scene 1946-1950
Studies in Theatre & Performance 2000-current
Studies in Theatre Production 1990-1999
Sunday Chronicle Pantomime Album 1916-1932
TABS 1938-1986
Tallis’s Dramatic Magazine and General Theatrical and Musical Review 1850-1851
Tatler, The: An Illustrated Review of Society and the Stage 1901-1904
Temple Bar, with which is incorporated Bentley’s Miscellany 1895
Theater: Nederlands Theater Jaarboek 1958-1969
Theater Heute 1961-1965, 1970, 1973
Theater Week 1992-1996
Theatre & Film Illustrated 1929-1930
Theatre 1952
Theatre 1995-1998
Theatre (Bradford Civic Playhouse) 1945-1948
Theatre (plus Theatre Newsletter) 1951-1953
Theatre Annual, The 1945-1985
Theatre Arts 1917-1964
Theatre Crafts 1970-1982
Theatre Crafts International 1980-1998
Theatre Digest Unclear
Theatre Illustrated Quarterly, The 1933-1935
Theatre in Poland 1958-2001
Theatre Industry, The (Theatrical Managers' Association) 1951-1957
Theatre International 1981-1984
Theatre Journal (previously Educational Theatre Journal) 1980-1991
Theatre Magazine, The: An Illustrated Magazine of Theatrical and Musical Life 1902
Theatre Magazine & the Book of the Play, The 1906
Theatre Magazine 1907-1929
Theatre Magazine, The 1991
Theatre Newsletter 1946-1952
Theatre Notebook 1945-current
Theatre Papers (Dartington College) 1977-1978
Theatre Populaire 1953-1954
Theatre Quarterly 1971-1981
Theatre Record 1981-current
Theatre Research 1958-1974
Theatre Research International 1975-2004
Theatre Scotland 1992-1995
Theatre Studies (Ohio State University) 1954-2001
Theatre Survey (American Society for Theatre Research) 1967-2004
Theatre Today 1946-1948
Theatre World 1925-1965 (Complete Run)
Theatre World and Illustrated Stage Review 1926
Theatre, Le 1898-1913
Theatre et Comoedia Illustre, Le 1922-1926
Theatre, The 1878-1897
Theatre, The: A Magazine of Drama, Comedy, Music 1959
Theatre, The: An Illustrated Magazine Devoted to the Drama and Music 1901-1904
Theatre, The: Illustrated Magazine of Theatrical and Musical Life 1903
Theatre, The (A Magazine for Playgoers) 1909
Theatre, The: Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Dramatic and Musical Art 1913
Theatrecraft 1938-1941
Theatre-Craft 1920
Theatregoer 1979-2006
Theatregoer, The: A Fortnightly Illustrated Magazine of the Theatre 1935
Theatrephile 1983-1985, 1990
Theatres Trust Annual Reports 1989-current
Theatres Trust Magazine (Theatres) 2004-current
Theatres Trust Newsletter 1988-2004
Theatrical Journal, The: weekly Review of the Drama, Music, and Exhibitions 1845-1846
Theatrical Observer, The (including Daily Bills of the Play) 1823-1860
Theatrical World, The 1881
Three Arts Club Journal, The 1913-1914
Thespian, Liverpool, The 1821
Thespian Sentinel, The 1823
Tomahawk, The 1867
Total Theatre 2001-2012
Town, The 1838-1840
Twentieth Century, The 1961
Variety: music, Stage and Film News 1932
Variety Artistes' Federation News, Contact and Reports 1948-1966
Variety Fare 1946-1947
Variety Man, The 1913
Vic Wells Association Newsletter 1964-2010
Vie Parisienne, La 1920
Vitality (The Jack Hulbert and Cicely Courtneidge Newsletter) 1995-1996
Wendingen: Bilingual magazine of art and architecture in Dutch and English 1921
Women & Performance 2009
Women & Theatre Occasional Pepers 1994-1997
World Premieres 1950-1964
World Theatre 1950-1968
Yellow Book, The: an illustrated quarterly 1894-1897
Film and Television journals
American Cinematographer 1967-1983
Bioscope, The 1924
Broadcast 1989-2001
Cinema 1968-1971
Cinema Studies 1960-1967
Contrast 1961-1966
Cue International 1979-1990
Film (Federation of Film Societies) 1954-1969
Film Comment 1970-1985
Film Dope 1974-1985
Film Pictorial 1932-1939
Films on Screen & Video 1980-1984
Films & Filming 1954-1989
Films Illustrated 1971-1982
Film Weekly 1936-1939
Historical Journal of Film, Radio & Television 1993, 1999
Journal of the SMPTE 1949-1970
Lighting & Sound International 1989-2008
Movie, The 1979-1983
Photoplay 1977-1982
Picture Show and Picture Show Annual 1919-1929
Pictures and Picturegoer 1918
Picturegoer 1932-1957
Screen 1980-2002
Screen Education 1980-1982
Screen International 1978-2011
Sight & Sound 1946-2009
Stills 1981-1987
Television Mail 1963-1964
Television Week 1989-1990
UNITALIA Film/ Il Film Italiano 1950-1959
Who's Who in Hollywood 1964
Dance journals
American Dancer 1937-1942
Dance & Dancers 1950-1981
Dancing Times 1937-1966

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