Actors and other performers

This is a non-exhaustive list of performers (actors, actresses, comedians, dancers etc) in our collection, and more can be found by exploring our catalogue via the advanced search option.

Beerbohm Tree, Herbert (and Family) The Beerbohm Tree Collection comprises two major archives of international importance, that of actor-manager Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree (1852 - 1917) and the Tree Family Archive.
Birrel, Peter Items that belonged to actor Peter Birrel (1935 - 2004) including correspondence and ephemera.
Blackman, Honor Materials related to the career of actress Honor Blackman (b. 1925), known for her performances in The Avengers and Goldfinger.
Blackmore, Peter and Kevan, John Collection of material related to writer Peter Blackmore (1909 - 1984) and his partner, actor John Kevan (1908 - 1967).
Bourke, Jessie & Annie Collection of letters detailing the professional careers and later lives of Annie Bourke, her sister Jessie, and their cousin Eva Watson, burlesque actresses of the 1860s and 1870s. There are over 1,700 letters over a 35-year period.
Chichester Clark, Harry (Henry Clark) Archive of the actor and director, Harry Chichester Clark  (1919 - 1970), known professionally as Henry Clark.
Cole, Stephanie Archive of the actor Stephanie Cole (b. 1941), who trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, known for her roles in Tenko, Waiting for God and many others.
Courtneidge, Cicely and Hulbert, Jack The archive relates to the professional entertainment activities of husband-and-wife actors Cicely Courtneidge and Jack Hulbert, covering their work between the periods 1927 - 1965.
Craig, (Edward Henry) Gordon This is an artificial collection of artworks by, and items related to, Edward Gordon Craig (1872 - 1966) actor, designer, director, and theoretician of the early 20th century European stage.
Daventry, George and Howard, Clare A box of late 19th Century papers and correspondence associated with actors George Daventry and Clare Howard, particularly focussing on the production "The Indian Mutiny".
Davis, Rosemary Archive of British actress and playwright Rosemary Davis (1926 - 2014), known for Twilight of the Gods.
Devlin, William Material relating to noted Shakespearean actor, William Devlin (1911 - 1987).
Donat, Robert Small collection of items that belonged to actor Robert Donat (1905 - 1958), best known for the film Goodbye Mr Chips.
Dunning, Jessica Material relating to the career of actress Jessica Dunning (1915 - 1990), sister of Ruth Dunning (1911 - 1983).
Dunning, Ruth and Allen, Jack Collection of material related to the careers of husband and wife actors Ruth Dunning (1911 - 1983) and Jack Allen (1907 - 1995). Jack Allen also served as Vice-President of the Actors' Benevolent Fund.
Elyot, Kevin Papers of the actor and playwright Kevin Elyot (1951 - 2014), best known as the writer of My Night with Reg.
Farjeon Family Material related to 3 individuals from 4 generations of the Farjeon family, donated by the Farjeon estate. Those 3 are: 1. JF) Scenic artist Joan Jefferson Farjeon (1913 - 2006) 2. JJ) Actor Joseph Jefferson the Third (1829 - 1905) 3. JJF) Actor, journalist, dramatist, script writer & novelist Joseph Jefferson Farjeon (1883 - 1955)
Fletcher, Cyril The archive of Cyril Fletcher (1913 - 2005) comedian, writer and entrepreneur, best known for his Odd Odes, which later formed a section of the 1980's television show That's Life!
Fuller, Rosalinde A collection of material related to the life and work of actress Rosalinde Fuller (1892 - 1982).
Green, Dorothy Archive of English actress Dorothy Green (1884 - 1961), former 'Bensonian' and leading lady of John Gielgud at the London Old Vic. Includes official certificates, photographs, notebooks, cuttings, prints and ephemera.
Grenfell, Joyce Archive of Joyce Grenfell (1910 - 1979), British actress, writer and comedienne who was the queen of the comic monologue, and was an acclaimed comedy performer on stage, radio, television and film.
Handl, Irene Small collection of materials donated by Julia McKenzie related to actress Irene Handl (1901 - 1987). Includes photographs and juvenalia.
Harris, Chris Archive of the English actor, director and writer Chris Harris (1942 - 2014), particularly well known in the Bristol area for his pantomime performances. The collection contains production papers, photographs, programmes, cuttings and AV recordings of his TV and stage appearances, as well as his research materials on the 1920s variety performer Ed E. Moss.
Irving Family Collection related to the activities of four members, from  four generations, of the Irving family to be involved with the Theatrical Arts. They are: 1. Sir Henry Irving (1838 - 1905), 2. Harry Brodribb Irving (1870 - 1919), 3. Laurence Irving OBE (1897 - 1988), 4. John H. B. Irving (1924 - 2016).
Karlin, Miriam Archive of actress and political activist Miriam Karlin (1925 - 2011), including material relating to her career on stage, television, film and radio.
Lorraine, Val Val Lorraine (1920 - 2001) was an actress and writer, a stalwart of the Southwest Scriptwriters group. She also rented out rooms to a number of theatrical tenants in Bristol, including Tom Stoppard. The collection contains play scripts, programmes, correspondence, and ephemera.
Macaulife, Kay Archive of Kay Macaulife (1909 - 1995), British repertory theatre actress and playwright, and the secretary of the Buskin Players.
Marshall, Henry A collection of material related to Henry Marshall (Marshall King Battcock c.1920 - 2001), pantomime writer and Fight Director.
McKenzie, Julia Collection of material donated by the English actress, singer, presenter, and theatre director Julia McKenzie (born 1941). Included was a small collection of materials related to actress Irene Handl (1901 - 1987).
Michaelis, Robert and Le Grand, Phyllis Material relating to the husband-and-wife actors and singers Robert Michaelis (Robert Armand René Michaëlis, 1884 - 1965) and Phyllis Le Grand (1888 - 1981).
Morgan, Garfield The archive of actor Garfield Morgan (1931 - 2009), best known for The Sweeney, the British crime TV series of the 1970s.
Murray, Hannah Archive of material related to the career of Bristol-born actress Hannah Murray (b. 1989), known for the TV series Skins and Game of Thrones.
Neagle, Anna (Dame) Materials related to the life and career of British actress Dame Anna Neagle (1904 - 1986), collected by enthusiast Paul Scriven MBE.
Noble, Audrey Personal and professional papers of the actress Audrey Noble (1915 - 2016), who was connected to the Bristol Old Vic.
Norris, Herbert Small collection of material collected by the actor, costume designer, architect and archaeologist Herbert Norris (c.1875 - 1950). Includes costume designs, postcards and photographs, and a scrapbook relating to his daughter, ballet dancer Lillian Norris.
Odin-Pearse, Daphne Archive of English actress Daphne Odin-Pearse (1909 - 2002), who worked extensively in repertory theatre.
Perry, John This collection of mostly photographs relates to the life and career of the actor, playwright and theatrical agent John Perry (1906 - 1995), member of H.M. Tennent Ltd under the management of Hugh "Binkie" Beaumont.
Phillips, John Collected items belonging to the English Stage, Film and TV actor John Phillips (1914 - 1995). Included are: Prints, Programmes and Scrapbooks, some relating to Birmingham Rep.
Quartermaine, Leon The archive of British actor Leon Quartermaine (1876 - 1967) who had an extensive stage career in Britain and the United States.
Relph, George Archive of English stage and film actor George Relph (1888 - 1960), who performed on stage in Shakespearean roles from the early 1900s. 
Ridley, Arnold Archive of Arnold Ridley OBE (1896 - 1984), the British playwright and actor. Best known for his performance in the BBC sitcom Dad's Army, his plays included The Ghost Train.
Robson, Flora A collection gathered by Richard Purver of the Southgate District Civic Trust during the course of his research into the actress Dame Flora Robson (1902 - 1984). Included is personal correspondence, articles, cuttings and photographs.
Rose, Irene Irene Rose (1883 - 1965) was a Bristol born actress, dancer, singer and pianist. She started her career with the Bristol troupe the Royal Gipsy Children, later becoming President of the Music Hall Ladies Guild c. 1913. Her husband was "The Lancashire Comedian" Freddie Fitts. Her archive includes contracts, family documents, photographs and correspondence.
Russell, Marjorie Archive of actress Marjorie Russell (1918 - 2006), who was involved with ENSA (The Entertainments National Service Association) during WW2.
Scharning, Marie Collection of the actress Marie Scharning (Sharning) who was active in England c.1900 - 1925.
Shepherd, Jack The archive of the actor, playwright, theatre director and musician Jack Shepherd (b. 1940), probably best known as the TV detective Wycliffe (1993 - 1998).
Tate, Harry Collection of ephemera related to music-hall star Harry Tate (1872 - 1940).
Tate, Reginald This collection holds papers related to the career of English actor Reginald Tate (1896 - 1955), remembered best for the 1953 BBC Television serial The Quatermass Experiment.
Thesiger, Ernest Personal archive of actor Ernest Thesiger (1879 - 1961) was an actor most notorious for his portrayal of Dr Pretorius in the film The Bride of Frankenstein (1935).
Toye, Wendy Two items related to Wendy Toye, CBE (1917 - 2010), British dancer, actress, choreographer and director of opera and stage plays. She was also one of Britain s few female film directors.
Tyzack, Margaret Archive of the Olivier award-winning actress Margaret Tyzack CBE (1931 - 2011), including material relating to her career on stage, television, film and radio.
Vezin, Hermann Collection of papers related to actor and drama teacher Hermann Vezin (1829 - 1910), largely made up of correspondence from members of his theatrical circles.
Warner, John Archive of the actor John Warner (1924 - 2001), probably best remembered as the lead in Salad Days in the 1950s.
Wellesley, Eugene The Collection relates to the professional life of the actor Eugene Wellesley (c.1883 - 1970). It contains material from Wellesley's work with the Donald Wolfit Company (founded 1937).
Wood, Peggy Ann and Russell, Ronald Personal archive of the early career of the character actress Peggy Ann Wood (1912 - 1998) who went on to run the Bristol Little Theatre and the Rapier Players, with her husband Ronnie Russell.
Wreford, Edgar Records relating to the career and personal life of British actor Edgar Wreford (1923 - 2006), including RADA productions. Part of the Mander and Mitchenson collection.
York, Susannah The theatrical archive of Oscar-nominated actress Susannah York (1939 - 2011), including papers related to her translation and directing projects.
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