Academics & Historians

This is a non-exhaustive list of academics and historians in our collection, and more can be found by exploring our catalogue via the advanced search option.

Barker, Kathleen
This archive is the cumulation of thirty years of extensive research into provincial entertainment by the theatre historian, Dr Kathleen Barker (1925 - 1991). It includes the research material she assembled while writing her authoritative history of the Theatre Royal, Bristol, from 1766 to 1966.
Carleton, Don Materials collected by theatre historian Don Carleton, related to the South-West, particularly of Bristol's Little Theatre 1948 - 1953, and Princes Theatre (formerly on Park Row).
Digby Day, Richard The archive of British stage director and international theatre educator Richard Digby Day (b. 1941), composed of scripts, correspondence, costume designs, photographs, cuttings, artwork and ephemera generated and collected during his career.
Firth, Felicity (Pirandello) This Collection consists of the research of academic Felicity Firth on the subject of Italian playwright and novelist Luigi Pirandello (1867 - 1936). 
Rowell, George George Rowell (d. 2001) was a British theatre historian and a lecturer in the University of Bristol Drama Department from the 1950s. This collection includes research materials on his specialisms, which included Victorian melodrama and the theatre of Henry Irving, W. S. Gilbert (Gilbert & Sullivan), Oscar Wilde and Arthur Wing Pinero.
Southern, Richard
Richard Southern (1903 - 1989) was a theatre designer, academic, researcher and prolific collector. His collection is an important visual resource, particularly strong in the areas of theatre architecture and backstage information, including plans, photographs, cuttings, as well as scenery and costume. 
Wickham, Glynne
Professor Glynne Wickham (1922 - 2004) was a senior member of the Bristol University Drama Department from 1948 - 2002, and an internationally renowned scholar in the field of medieval drama. His impressive knowledge of Shakespearean and Jacobean stage led to his acting as consultant on the Bankside Globe project. This archive reflects his research, work and interests and include his designs for costumes and scenery.
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