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Franko B was born in Milan and has lived in London since 1979. He has been creating work across video, photography, performance, painting, installation, sculpture and mixed media since 1990.

Franko has performed at the Tate Modern, ICA, South London Gallery and Beaconsfield, and has presented work internationally in Zagreb, Mexico City, Milan, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Copenhagen, Madrid and Vienna, Tate Liverpool and most recently at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium and the Crawford municipal gallery in Cork, Ireland. Franko B lectures widely, including at St. Martins School of Art, DasArt, New York University and the Courtauld Institute of Art. 

He has been the subject of two monographs, 'Franko B' (Black Dog Publishing 1998) and 'Oh Lover Boy' (2001) and has published a photographic project entitled 'Still Life' (2003).

In 2007, 'Blinded by Love' was published, as a monographic publication on the work of Franko B. The book documents Franko B's practical research into the politics of performance, covering over 15 years of artistic activity. The works in the volume span from paintings and objects, characterized by the recurring triptych Man-Heart-Cross, to the documentation concerning live performances in which the artist's flesh and blood become a canvas for the representation of vulnerability, pain and loss. 

What the collection holds

The archive covers the last 30 years of Franko's work, and includes material in a wide variety of formats related to his performances, screenings, exhibitions, collaborations, mentoring, books and visual art. There are posters and many photographs of Franko and his work, plus a number of items made from the cloth Franko has bled onto during his performances, including several garments.

Franko B Archive Catalogue (Office document, 54kB).

For further details and access to the Archive, please contact us.

Further information

For further information on Franko B and his work, please visit Franko's website (WARNING: please be aware that Franko's site contains material which some people may consider challenging, including material concerning blood-related works and material of a sexual nature). You can also view Franko's blog for the latest news.

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