Casual, Academic and Guest

Our Casual, Academic and Guest (CAG) team will work with you to place your chosen worker, guest or colleague in role.

Managers who intend to engage any worker or individuals for short term assignments must first consult Guidance on engagement and payment of individuals (Office document, 37kB) which determines the appropriate process to be followed. We have reduced the types of engagement that have to be processed by TSS and this guidance makes it clear how engagements can be progressed.

All employees or workers (including any student working for the University) must be registered with the CAG service prior to starting work to enable the University to complete the Right to Work check and, in the case of students on Tier 4 visas, to check the hours to be worked against work completed elsewhere within the University to ensure that they can complete the requested hours without breaching their visa restrictions.

We are aware of the difficulties that you have faced using the CAG service. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. However, we must ensure compliance with UKVI requirements. It is apparent that the individual approach that we have taken to the submission of claims in respect of employees or workers has not worked either for those using the service or the CAG Service itself. Whilst we will still use this approach for a transition period during July 2018 please note that:

(i) All outstanding claims must be submitted by 31 July 2018. No claim submitted after that date will be paid unless it has been submitted in accordance with the attached process;

(ii) From today all requests to register employees and workers must be submitted in accordance with the attached process i.e. all requests to register employees and workers must be submitted at least two weeks

prior to the start of the work to enable registrations and compliance checks to be completed;

(iii) No employee or worker (including any students) will be able to start working until the CAG team has confirmed to the manager and the worker that they are registered and able to start in role;

(iv) If the process set out below is not followed after 1st August 2018 no payment will be made to the employee or worker;

(v) All existing outstanding claims must be submitted before 31st July 2018 to ensure that payment for work completed is made.

We understand that this represents a change to our approach and we confirm that we will continue to look at claims made prior to 31 July on an individual basis during August, however the last payment date for any such claims will be 26 August 2018. After that date no claims will be looked at on an individual basis and no payments will be made except through the CAG processes (Office document, 64kB).

Please note that this applies equally to the engagement of hourly paid teachers (HPTs) who must not start work until the contract has been issued and signed and HR have conducted their pre-employment checks.

The CAG team are on hand if you would prefer to speak to someone directly. Please do drop us an email at

UKVI and Compliance

The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 stipulates that all employers, irrespective of size or sector, are required to prevent the employment of illegal workers.  They must fulfill this duty by carrying out a three step check to confirm that a potential employee or woker is entitled to work in the UK, irrespective of the length of the assignment. The three steps are:

  1. Obtaining original acceptable documents
  2. Check the validity of the document in the presence of the holder
  3. Copy the document and retain a clear copy

There are additional requirements in relation to international (non-EEA) students whose visa include strict limits on the hours that may be worked.  Compliance with these requirements is mandatory and failure to demonstrate compliance could jeopardise the University’s international licence. It is illegal to employ someone aged 16 or over subject to immigration control and who is not allowed to undertake the work in question.  Sanctions can include fines of up to £20,000 per offence and, for Universitites, the removal of the licence to enrol overseas students.

All workers must be registered with the service prior to starting work; this includes checking Right to Work documents and, in the case of students on Tier 4 visas, checking the hours to be worked against work completed elsewhere within the University to ensure that they can complete the requested hours without breaching their restrictions.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT PROCESSING AND REGISTRATION OF WORKERS CAN TAKE AROUND 2-3 WEEKS TO COMPLETE, SO PLEASE DO SEND US YOUR REQUEST AS SOON AS YOU CAN. Workers cannot be set up until the full registration process is completed, so please do encourage your workers to complete and return their forms and attend for registration when they hear from us.


Week commencing 09/07/2018: I am sorry to inform you that due to the very high volume of Payroll processing and payroll-related admin the TSS team are working on this week, there may be a short delay in processing requests and enquiries in the TSS CAG and Admin/Clerical teams. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we have to prioritise the payment of workers and we have strict deadlines to meet to ensure that they are all paid on 26th of the month. Once the payroll admin is completed at the end of this week we will focus on processing all enquiries and requests as quickly as possible.



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