Web management

Overview of the roles, responsibilities, and permissions needed, to create pages, sections and websites within the University's web presence.

  • Web Governance Policy

    The purpose of the Web Governance Policy is to provide an approved policy through which the University can institutionalise the processes, policies, framework and standards for the management of its websites.

  • Web governance roles

    Sets out the different web roles and explains each of their governance responsibilities. Establishes clear site ownership and accountability.

  • Your responsibilities as a web publisher

    Complying with legal obligations such as Data Protection and Freedom of Information, and the University's expectations regarding freshness, accuracy and visual consistency of web content.

  • Permissions

    An overview of the different permissions within T4 Site Manager and Plone - the University's two main Content Management Systems - and the tasks each role has access to perform.

  • Copyright

    An overview of copyright laws and how they apply to the web.

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