Information for NHS staff, Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) assessors etc.

The Student Services division offers six services that support students, and offer advice and support to staff working with students.

Services within the Division

We work closely with a range of other University/Students' Union services, but these are not part of our division:

Services outside the Division

What do your services offer?

A summary of what we offer is available. Please note that the Student Counselling Service, although located in the same building as our NHS GP practice (the Students' Health Service), is a University rather than NHS service.

How do I refer students to you?

It would be particularly helpful if you could discuss your proposed referral with the relevant service prior to making the referral. See our contact details.

When referring, we ask that you give a brief description of what we do and how we do it, using the information on this website. If you have any queries, please do contact the staff of that service. It would be appreciated if no promises are made on our behalf, for example about waiting lists or guaranteeing that we will see people within a given timeframe. We aim to see all students as quickly as possible but can be hampered by high demand or when students are not available to see us at the first time we offer due to existing academic commitments.

The one-hop principle for referrals

We ask that you and your students make your best guess about who might be best placed to answer your query. If that proves to the incorrect it doesn't matter as the staff will refer you or your student on to the most appropriate person, our ' one hop referral'. Additionally, external colleagues can speak to the Head of the Divisional Office or the Director of Student Services for advice.


The Student Services teams are always happy to speak to external colleagues. We have a confidentiality policy which may mean that we are not able to speak freely about a student client/patient but we are always willing to listen and give general advice (please read the policy to understand why we operate as we do). For that reason it is often most productive if you have gained consent from the student you are working with before contacting us.

Students currently in hospital as a result of mental ill health

Please contact the Vulnerable Students' Support Service. This will give the opportunity for experienced staff to coordinate the University's response and provides a single point of liaison for NHS colleagues. We have extensive experience of working in this way. When asked, students are unlikely to have heard of this service and might nominate an academic tutor or member of their school/department as their contact. It will simplify matters if the Vulnerable Students' Support Service is the first point of contact.

Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) assessors

Disability Services manage support for disabled students at Bristol. They have information for Assessment Centres on their website. Support is coordinated by our team of Disability Advisors. Please contact them with any queries regarding Bristol students.

Who should I contact to coordinate support?

For enquiries about individual students, the following information may be helpful:

What if there is an emergency?

Security Services, colleagues and external services are available to help. We do not offer out of hours services beyond a contract for out of hours GP services via BrisDoc: contact is via the regular Students' Health Service number.

If a student has a mental ill health emergency, please use the Mental ill health emergency response protocol (PDF, 984kB).

How can I learn more about the work of Student Services?

We are very happy to explore opportunities to work better together with external organisations. If no one service is a direct fit for your query, please contact the Director of Student Services or the Head of the Divisional Office.