Richard Edwards, Head of Student Wellbeing

Picture of Richard EdwardsTransition from the Student Services Divisional Office to the new Student Wellbeing Service

For several years the Student Services Division has had a Divisional Office led by Richard. It operates the Vulnerable Students' Support Service. It also provides Division level operational management and administrative capacity, and cross-Division and Institution project management.

In the summer of 2017 the University agreed to invest an additional £1m to create a new Student Wellbeing Service. Recruitment is currently underway and it will start operating in February 2018. The new Service will take the best of the work of the Vulnerable Students' Support Service and provide significant additional capacity - another 24+ posts - to help provide reactive casework support and new proactive support for the wellbeing of our students. It is an exciting opportunity.

The current Vulnerable Students' Support Service team will move into the new Student Wellbeing Service. Richard was appointed in October 2017 to lead the new service. The team will move into their new roles and behind the scenes prepare for the new Service to open. Throughout the transition we will continue to operate the Vulnerable Students' Support Service until the Student Wellbeing Service starts to operate in February 2018. The Vulnerable Students' Support Service is open and ready to support students and staff.

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