Peer assisted study sessions

Peer assisted study sessions (PASS) are student-led study sessions where you can ask questions about course material and student life.

The study sessions are friendly and informal, giving you the opportunity focus on the subject areas you want to work on. PASS is a safe place to ask questions and improve your confidence in your studies; developing a deeper understanding of your course material through discussion, problem-solving and collaborative work. Our PASS leaders, trained students from later years of your course, will share their experiences with you as they lead these sessions. PASS is now available in most courses in first year.

There's no need to sign up for PASS – you'll be told about this in your course information if it's available to you. PASS will normally start in week 3 or 4. Where PASS is not available there is usually a different form of student led study group you can join.

The benefits of attending PASS include:

  • a safe place to ask questions
  • gain a deeper understanding of the course material
  • make new friends on your course
  • get practical advice and improve your study skills
  • build confidence in your subject area
  • meet students from later years on your course and learn from their experiences.

PASS will not be available in the following subjects for 2021:

  • Computer Science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Maths
  • Maths.

However, these subjects have alternative student-led study sessions, such as Maths Café for maths students.

Further information

If you have any questions about PASS please email

Peer support

Peer support at the University is made up of two schemes:

Peer mentoring is only available for new undergraduate students.

Become a PASS leader

Find out about opportunities to become a PASS leader.

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